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Best-of-breed software for aviation maintenance management with maximum revenue potential of assets.

Today, aviation organizations are recognizing the important role their MRO IT systems can play in delivering the performance insights needed to mitigate inefficiencies and drive greater business yield from their maintenance function. It is no longer "good enough" to have a solution that stores basic maintenance transaction details. Instead, organizations require a system that can improve their MRO functions, granting management the visibility to understand the current state of their business, the agility to make the necessary changes to improve performance, and the accountability to ensure things get done according to plan and industry regulations. 

 The IFS Maintenix software suite includes:
  • IFS Maintenix eLogbook: An innovative electronic logbook solution that supports a connected workforce and pilot engagement model
  • IFS Maintenix Fleet Planner: Leave spreadsheets and manual updates behind for an affordable long-range planning solution. IFS Maintenix Fleet Planner scales with your fleet and works with any M&E system.
  • IFS Maintenix Operator Edition: Offers commercial organizations the complete spectrum of aviation maintenance management via a fully-integrated, web-enabled and mobile-ready software platform. 
 Using IFS Maintenix, aviation organizations have recognized measured returns in their MRO business, such as:
  • Significant reductions in turn time for major checks
  • Increased revenue days per aircraft
  • Improved dispatch reliability and customer satisfaction
  • Virtual elimination of material delays
  • Bullet proof compliance reporting.

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