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Achieve more with the Out-of-the-Box Digital Workplace based on Azure & Microsoft365

You would like to simplify and optimize processes in communication, collaboration and document storage? Are you looking in vain for the files you worked on together with your colleagues? Do you want to have one simple entry point to manage your data, team rooms and to share news with your colleagues? SmartPortal365 is the workplace of the future for corporate clients, especially from the SME segment.

"As a company owner, I have been dealing with the topic of Modern Workplace for a long time. We are looking for a simple solution that can be integrated quickly. SmartPortal365 offers all of that." - Kathrin Wüttrich (PS Pharma)

Key Benefits

  • One central surface - MS Teams, SharePoint, News and your own applications.
  • No installation - ready to use with just a few clicks!
  • No more searching for files - using AI
  • Social Features - Post, like and share messages


  • Access to all Office365 products
    You can share and create new documents and files in OneDrive, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and more.
  • Stay up-to-date with Newsfeeds
    The best way for employees to see what’s happening across your organization. So easy to stay connected!
  • Store your 3rd party applications
    Simplify your workplace and store your third-party cloud based products and additional applications in your navigation.
  • Global Navigation
    Switch easily between different projects, departments, or teams. One Navigation for your SharePoint sites, Microsoft Teams channels, etc.
  • Intelligent Document Management
    With the view “recently used documents” you are guaranteed to always find the right file without searching for a long time. The “Popular Documents” view shows you all documents that are currently used a lot.

With SmartPortal365 you can deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. We offer a simple and intuitive user interface.

Working remotely has never been so easy!

SP365 is available in English and German.


The BeeDigital AG is a spin-off of innobit ag in Basel (CH), which has been established in the market for enterprise collaboration solutions for more than 20 years now. As an independent start-up with the strong back-up of innobit ag, BeeDigital is fully committed to the business models of the digital revolution with a focus on digitalisation and automation projects. 

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