Omni-AI for Omni-Retail

de Invent Yazilim Danismanlik A.S.

Profit Optimizing Retail Demand Forecasting & Supply Chain Solution Suite


Invent Analytics’ Omni-AI delivers significant financial improvement by empowering retailers to profit-optimize their supply chain. It orchestrates a retailer’s entire supply chain by unifying network planning, inventory and price optimization, and fulfillment in one framework.

Invent Analytics puts your omni-customers at the heart of its tailor-fit solutions. It proves the financial benefits with pre-go-live simulations and rigorous A/B testing.

Invent Analytics’ over 30 clients have experienced a 2-6% increase in profitability.

Invent Analytics’ Omni-AI SaaS solutions are:

  • Omni-Network Design
  • Omni-Plan Suite
      • Omni-Demand Forecasting
      • Omni-Store and DC Replenishment Optimization
      • Omni-Allocation Optimization
      • Omni-Transfer Optimization
      • Markdown Optimization
      • Assortment Optimization
      • Dynamic and Competitive Price Optimization
  • Omni-Fulfilment

Invent Analytics has been selected as the Top Supply Chain Startup by Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and won the 2020 Startup Innovation Awards for Supply Chain.

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