Application Modernization with Ionate's AI/ML

de Ionate,Inc.

AI/ML-based App Modernization - Modernize to cloud-native microservices in less than 3 months.

Ionate Application Modernization PaaS- Fully Automated Legacy Transformation

Ionate's Application Modernization platform accelerates the digital transformation of legacy systems from years to weeks.  The AI/ML-driven platform understands the original business logic of the legacy systems and requires no human intervention during the modernization phase.  The legacy systems can be converted to modern languages: Microservices Architecture, JAVA, .NET, or the latest languages used by your engineering team.  Sit back and watch the magic happen.


  • 100% Business Parity post-conversion

  • Modernized systems can be integrated seamlessly on Azure or stay On-prem
  • Reducing the cost and complexity 

Business audience
  • IT, Infrastructure Teams

Target Industry 
  • All Industries

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