JESI Remote Worker Management Solution


JESI helps businesses manage the safety of their remote and travelling workforce.

JESI Remote Worker Management software solves the challenges of monitoring the safety of remote, frontline & firstline workers operating in isolated environments. JESI offers live updates and effective communication to improve the welfare of lone or isolated workers. 

JESI is used by international companies across a range of industries, including mining/oil & gas, construction & engineering, education, and health & community services. Remote Work is rapidly becoming a critical focus for sectors around the world, as mobilised and isolated workforces are exposed to a growing number of risks. 

JESI's features include:
• Journey Management 
• Working On-Site 
• Lone Worker 
• Working from Home 
• Health Monitor (COVID-19) 
• Global connectivity 
• SMS alerts and reminders 
• Escalation contacts 
• Real-time updates and activity dashboard 
• Multi-Purpose Risk Assessment 
• Calendar Integration 
• Automated Itinerary Upload

The risks experienced by those who are travelling through isolated environments are mitigated by JESI's user-friendly technology. Users simply log an activity with a beginning, checkpoints and destination location. Single-word Check-In provides supervisors with oversight that their remote workers are safe. Managers responsible for remote workers are equipped with an efficient, consistent and cost-effective approach to monitoring the safety of their isolated workforce In the event of a failed Check-In, supervisors are immediately notified so safety measures can be activated quickly. 

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