JFrog Enterprise+ (Complete DevOps Platform)


Enterprise+ is a complete DevOps Platform that allows you to manage your CI/CD pipeline

JFrog Enterprise+ (SaaS) is a complete DevOps platform that includes: Artifactory, Xray (DevSecOps), Distribution, Access & Mission Control. The universal binary manager supports 27+ packages: Bower, Chef, CocoaPods, Conan, Conda, CRAN, Debian, Docker, Go, Gradle, Git LFS, Helm, Ivy, Maven, npm, NuGet, Opkg, P2, PHP Composer, Puppet, PyPI, RPM, RubyGems, SBT, Vagrant & VCS. It manages your binaries and artifacts, accelerating software delivery and quality through standardization and automation processes and improves productivity through integration with your ecosystem and DevOps tools.
Scan for security risks and compliance using the industry's most comprehensive intelligence, VulnDB. Efficiently distribute immutable releases and automate the delivery of your software updates. Even overcome limited bandwidth and network lag through replication optimization. Improve download speed and decrease bandwidth consumption with P2P Distribution to 1,000s of clients in a secure environment. All JFrog services, users, permissions, and configurations are at your fingertips. 
Manage your K8s deployments using Artifactory as your Kubernetes registry, while Xray provides container security scanning all layers recursively, ensuring Docker images have been scanned for all known risks. The Platform makes your SRE easier & meets your business model needs supporting hybrid & cloud environments.
Provides multi-region, multi-cloud and hybrid replication for geographically distributed teams allowing replication to multiple sites simultaneously, and security features such as IP filtering, CNAME with own SSL, and data encryption at rest.
Next-generation CI/CD automation & orchestration that enhances processes by providing command & control mechanisms across your DevOps pipelines. View and manage all workflows of your entire DevOps ecosystem from a single pane of glass in real-time.
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