JKIT Smart Retail (MVP1)

de John Keells Information Technology Pvt Ltd

John Keells IT Smart Retail (MVP1) is a multifaceted mobile app built to enhance customer experience

Keeping up with ever-changing customer expectations and maintaining customer loyalty have become major challenges in the retail industry. An omnichannel approach with the right solution would allow you to reach a wider market. The ultimate objective is to analyze consumer behavior in great detail, and customize the shopping experience delivered to individual customers requirements through a process of personalization.

The Smart Retail Mobile App will offer a simplified  yet interactive shopping experience that customers would love engaging with; serving to delight existing customers while enticing new customers to convert. Understanding how your customers feel and delivering experiences they can trust; is the underlying goal behind the implementation of the Smart Retail Mobile App. From purchase frequencies to brand preferences, the app is able to capture a range of critical insights; that can be utilized towards refining and personalizing shopping experiences according to individual customers.  

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