SynCloud: AI-Powered Cloud Cost Management

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Discover, visualize, analyze & forecast your multi-cloud spend with SynCloud cost management tool.

SynCloud is an AI-cloud cost management solution. While multi-cloud deployments are gaining steam, cost optimization across different cloud services is a huge priority for organizations. There are many best practices to follow in order to control cloud spending for all the cloud services you are using and these are what SynCloud excels at.

Business challenge:

IT departments are not the only business units migrating to cloud services in order to take advantage of flexibility and scalability. With the rapid growth in cloud services, organizations find the need for artificial intelligence to overcome the hurdles to cost optimization like increased billing complexity, and the lack of data and application metrics over time.

Key features and benefits of SynCloud:

  • Unified dashboard: Visualize and analyze cost from SaaS services in one single view.
  • Access deep analytics: Our unique algorithms provide recommendations to help you reduce cost and discover your spending trend and pattern.
  • Cloud Cost Guard: Set up flexible cost alerts for multiple SaaS services in one place.
  • Cloudmate: Conversational AI to answer your questions around cloud costs.

Why choose SynCloud:

  • Handle multiple billings across different cloud services in a unified view
  • Cloud cost reports for multi-cloud environment is at the tip of your fingers
  • Visibility with actionable insights for abnormal spending and usage summary
  • Optimize cloud cost management with accuracy and efficiency

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