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The Laso Intelligence Engine™

The Laso Intelligence Engine™
By Laso, Inc.
What is the Laso Intelligence Engine™?
It’s a fully-automated lending platform that uses machine learning for highly predictive risk analytics, which can be
easily tailored to service a larger segment of the small business borrower population. To help financial institutions
lower cost and risk associated with these borrowers, the Laso solution can continuously analyze millions of data
points to unlock insights and automate lending activities, providing more capital to more businesses. The solution
also includes packaged lending policies, standardized pricing with configurable product types and a full suite of
workflow management tools.
• Other Features and Benefits of the Laso Solution
• Quick, end-to-end onboarding and implementation
• Exceptional customer experience
• Increased funding capacity while reducing credit risk
• Reduced origination, underwriting and servicing costs
• Decreased time-to-fund and closing times
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