LTI Smart City Advanced Operations Center

de LTIMindtree Limited

Smart City AOC for Intelligent Insights and Automated management of city wide operations

Urban demands are ever-increasing, and the urban population boom is adding to the pressure on city services, infrastructure, administration, and ultimately, the citizens. Cities need to adapt to this ever-increasing demand, and cater to the needs of the modern citizen, efficiently. Without the right technology platform, cities cannot handle complex scenarios and get actionable insights in spite of having a digital infrastructure in place.

LTI’s Smart City Advanced Operations Center (AOC), is an operating platform for city wide opeations designed to bring all operations into a single platform. The platform provides seamless city operations capabilities to intelligently correlate and share information with stakeholders, and to manage outcomes.

Situational Awareness:
• Visually track the assets and units on a geo-spatial boundary
• Analyze spatial objects with GIS tools like Hotspot, Geofencing, Green Corridor, Heat Maps, Correlated Incidents etc..
• Easily track the asset status, contextual information and trigger actions

Collaboration and Communication:
• Exchange a common situational insight with various stakeholders instantly
• Link and Unlink Multi source events, delegate and track events to closure
• Collaborate instantly by sharing a common situational insight
• Central web of information for operational staff enabling ease of publishing critical information
• Preconfigured reports and dashboards for city executives, operations heads and filed staff

Event & Response Management:
• Integrated and intelligent alerts to Act & Track on emergencies and critical alerts from across the city digital infrastructure
• Correlation of city events, i.e., Alerts from multiple sources for the same or sequential City event are co-related and presented in a simple single decluttered interface
• Link and Unlink Multi-source events
• Central dashboards and repositories to provide insights into current and historical data

• D365
• Power BI
• Azure Maps

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