Optic by Fosfor

de LTIMindtree Limited

Shape the fabric of your data journeys


Optic is a Data Fabric enabler based on an unified metadata management architecture. It is an autonomous and intelligent data cataloging product which empowers business users by creating a modern data culture with democratized data & intelligence assets.

Optic has an added layer of intelligent governance, leading to better workplace productivity. It helps in maximizing the ROI by creating a data marketplace which in turn helps in easy accessibility of valuable insights in no time.

Key features:

  1. Connect your enterprise Intelligence assets with multiple connectors

Optic has pre-built 50+ data connectors with a provision of bulk upload and quicker data onboarding. It makes metadata maintenance easy with auto publish & auto sync at a desired interval.

With Optic you can catalog assets such as Datasets, Data APIs, Documents, BI Reports, DB Functions, Data Models & Stored Procedures.

  1. Discover hidden entities and knowledge nuggets

With Optic you can generate auto recommendations & knowledge nuggets for different personas using state-of-the-art suggestion engine. Optic has data crawling to identify hidden entities and create knowledge assets.

  1. One-Click Integration

Optic provides quick access to in-demand Analytics and reporting tools in the market and helps user in easy data consumption.

  1. Enhanced Data Profiling with Traceability, Versioning, and Quality score

With Optic you can generate data profiling and data quality score automatically on sample as well as full data. It provides trust-ability index on the data asset with help of out-of-the box KPIs.

It generates comparative view of a single data asset for different data loads via versioning. Optic auto-detects PII information and masks it intelligently.

Optic evaluates and displays DQ (Data Quality) score on each version to signify health of data and updates user on number of changes performed on data for full/transactional part.

  1. Auto Data Relationships and Enhanced Data Lineage

Optic automatically derives intelligent data relationships across data assets within different infrastructure across organization and evaluate relationships with quantifying % values to enable key decision making.

  1. Showcase metadata information and influencing parameters for a data asset.

  1. Generate exhaustive view of data lineage across multiple data assets involved in the data journey.

  1. Evaluate data transformations and trace back towards the source.

  1. Extract field level, object level lineage information for detailed analysis.

Key Capabilities

1. Data Discovery Platform: Optic provides a semantic way of discovering the data assets with multi-facet search support. It allows users to enable quicker data identification across all data types such as datasets, ML models, and documents. Overall, it is 80% fast in discovering the right data.

2. Data Accessibility: Optic has an advanced search for complex search parameters with saved search feature for quicker accessibility. Optic identifies PII data and masks such fields automatically.

3. Autonomous Data Catalog: Optic discovers connectivity between multiple heterogeneous data assets residing globally for in-depth analysis and quicker actionable insights.

4. Data Trustability Index: Generate confidence in the data to be consumed based on out-of-the-box KPIs on all data assets.

5. Knowledge nuggets and recommendations: Generate valuable data insights via state-of-the-art data crawlers that extract entities to create knowledge and provide useful recommendations for seamless data journeys.

6. Integrated Data Visualizations: It enables one-click access to data visualizations to create dashboards instantaneously on your trusted data assets to ease the data journey.

7. Intelligent Integrations for Seamless Data Journey: Optic enhances data journey using data fabric at core by providing one-click access to multiple data dashboarding tools.

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