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Corporate Youtube for deeper collaboration with customers, employees, partners & investors.

Videotouch is easy to use video platform that any customer, employee or partner can use to access your organization's rich video content. Be it interactive video tutorials, leadership messages, product demos or company events - easily share across high-quality streams to your audience seamlessly.

Tell your story. Reach more people with live stream and video on demand
Reach your entire company and keep everyone connected with interactive Webinars, live streams, and VOD. Collaborate with remote teams and bring them together with the personalized power of video.

Educate, train and motivate your workforce
Launch video-centric LMS designed specifically for onboarding and training employees, partners and customers. Train employees in multiple locations faster, save costs on travel, classroom space, content reusability, and hiring professional consultants.

Store and access your content instantly
Search across all your videos with deep content search and get access to them instantly. Audio transcriptions and face detection makes it easy to find relevant content—even for specific words or people in your videos.

Create your marketplace and monetize your content
Monetize videos online to boost sales and increase profits. Videotouch gives you an efficient and effective system to start monetizing your videos online in just minutes. No hassles, no complications.

Deliver better content with Video Analytics
Develop a content strategy based on the data rather than your intuition, learn more about your target audience, find out what they want to hear from you and how you can increase their engagement.

  • Video upload and ingestion : For individual or bulk files via browser, desktop app, email or mobile
  • Transcoding and processing : In multiple video formats
  • Video management : Using a multi-functional and intuitive interface to organize content, search media, edit, moderate, create playlists and more
  • HD video delivery : To huge volumes of concurrent viewers via our global Tier 1 network
  • Video publishing : In high quality on any device, plus live streaming
  • Syndication and distribution : Reach your video audience across the web
  • Monetization : Support for a wide range of video ad formats to achieve maximum exposure

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