BI Hub: A Centralized Reporting Platform

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Democratize data-driven culture at your organization

With hundreds of Power BI reports across dozens of regions, effectively managing your data infrastructure can be challenging. The need to manually compile reports across multiple workspaces limits your ability to make quick decisions, the main purpose of BI. You waste hours finding, organizing, and filtering report data (instead of acting on insights). 

Now, imagine a dashboard that displays all your KPIs in a single intuitive, easy-to-access web page. This is BI Hub, a centralized reporting platform where users can embed reports from different Power BI workspaces in a single location. BI Hub helps you enable self-service BI across your org, increasing productivity from the top down. A modern, responsive portal, BI Hub offers a personalized experience and easy data discoverability with natural language search, global filters, and bookmarks. 

With BI Hub, you have:

 - A cost-effective web-based application that’s ready to use on Azure

 - All your Power BI reports in one place

 - Unlimited report embedding

 - A simplified user experience

 - Quick insights for informed business decisions

**Key Features (Free Version):**

 - Role-based access

 - Need-based Power BI Embedded capacity

 - Natural language search

 - Global filters panel

 - Bookmark capability

 - Ability to search for reports by metadata

 - 100% keyboard accessibility

**Target Audience**

 - Project managers

 - IT business heads

 - Technical solution leads

 - Data/business analysts

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