First follow-up and control system that tracks the trainees’ activities on virtual simulators

VULCAN is the only platform that allows managing all your simulators dedicated to vocational skills learning. Immediately detect your trainees’ weaknesses and adjust the training to each one of them: VULCAN analyzes your trainees’ performances with precision and in real-time while they are executing an exercise. It provides you with all the information needed to increase efficiency and flexibility. A real asset for your training, start using VULCAN, the only intelligent digital assistant that accompanies you in your job. VULCAN is connectable to all virtual simulators and offers you to benefit from:
  • A real-time follow-up of the trainee’s exercise execution
  • Detailed analysis of the trainee’s performances
  • A tool adapted to every vocational skills training
  • A platform fully controlled by the trainer
  • The customization of pedagogical path and exercises according to the trainees
  • A very intuitive use and browsing through the platform
  • An alert system for the trainer to detect a trainee’s dropout or risky situation
VULCAN is accessible through a secured CLOUD platform. It can be integrated in your virtual learning environment or LMS. Get started today and try our free version.

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