Moata Inspect

de Mott MacDonald Limited

Moata Inspect, Mott MacDonald's industry-leading system for field data capture


Are you still using pen and paper to capture field information on site and then having to enter, check and create forms from the data when you return to the office? With Moata Inspect you can capture information in pre-prepared forms on site using your mobile phone, with or without internet, for a structured and consistent approach to data collection.
Moata Inspect is ideal for any project or portfolio, providing an industry-leading data collection system for inspections, surveys, construction management, and any other field activities.
With smart forms tailored to each specific use case and automated processes, your collected data is directly tied to projected baselines, progress, cost, schedule and project controls elements. Data can be reported through Moata Insights or integrated with any other solution within the Moata platform.

Templates to start, endless possibilities follow

Designed for fast deployment, our templates can help launch a project using existing templates and global question interlinking.

  • Forms and questions can quickly be configured and deployed to capture the individuality of a project and information desired.
  • This includes tailoring to client specifications and forms.
  • Teams of users can be arranged so data will only be submitted by the right people at the right time, based on access-controlled roles and responsibilities.

Capture any item, any place, any time

Moata Inspect allows for inspecting field activites, logging construction progress, recording engineering/environmental documentation, or capturing numerous data types using smart forms designed for mobile devices.

With automatic internet connectivity detection in cases where cell signal is low, your data is securely stored on the device until it is able to be transmitted back to our data warehouse where it comes to life.

Designed for quality, made for agility

Moata Inspect uses a simplified workflow approval process.

  • Field team members can save drafts and submit data when they are ready.
  • Team leads can use a fast and convenient web interface for management and data access.
  • Everything is approved by supervisors or leads, and corrections are returned to field teams for instant revisions and editing.

Integrate your data

We connect information that has been captured in the field into the Moata Insights project data model.

  • This can track progress against schedule and cost.
  • See the relationship between activities, which contributes to advance knowledge in elements like earned value, project forecasting, and other useful analytics.

Next gen reporting, auditable traceability

Moata Inspect is fully integrated with Moata Insights, Mott MacDonald's total project reporting and dashboarding toolset.

  • You can have up-to-date data displayed to see progress, understand projections, and be aware of ongoing activities.
  • Data is connected to traditional PDF outputs for record keeping and contains a secure audit trail.
  • Key automated reporting elements include progress, costs, schedule, and other actual vs. baseline items.

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