MBrain Make Module

de MTEK Industry AB

No code Manufacturing Execution System (MES) deployed in Microsoft Azure. Support Industry 4.0

MBrain is a modular, no-code, software platform, able to deploy in Microsoft Azure. It allows Enterprises to scale at their own pace and support Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0.

MBrain® Make Module is a high value feature pack that allows Enterprises to familiarize themselves with MBrain with a low barrier to entry, and then decide in which order, and at what pace, to scale across sites and Modules. The platform supports discrete manufacturing.

Example of values are:

  • reduced costs and time of product changeover
  • Improved quality, yield and takt
  • Real time analytics to optimize the production
  • Improved quality and production yield
  • full traceability through manufacturing process

The Make Module is divided into two packages: The Base pack and the Pro Pack.

The Base Pack includes basic functionalities: Safety Cross (digitized incident reporting) , Digital work instructions , Process Viewer, Process Builder (define standard work), Tact time & Cycle time ,Traceability (product, component, batch, process level) , Dashboards, Reporting functionality, Data Collections (MBrain’s data manipulation and charting tool) .

The Pro Pack has additional functionalities:  SPC, Integration Possibilities (Read/write integration to IT systems (ERP, PLM etc.), depending on the need, Integration to machines, sensors, and other relevant shop-floor hardware, MBrain can act be middle wear for your data sources.

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