Support My Cloud

de Niles Partners Inc.

A great platform to enable businesses to accelerate revenue generation on the Cloud Marketplaces.

Support My Cloud helps businesses to place their software on multiple clouds by scaling marketplace operations and provides a streamlined approach to sound listing and effective reporting. Our prime features include:
Marketplace Insights:
Now, you have the chance to take proper control of your cloud marketplace sales and insights from quote to cash, with advanced reporting and real-time visibility. You can easily track the sales of your products with the help of just one click-through reporting feature provided by Support My Cloud.
Effective Onboarding
Sell your products instantly with the help of Support My Cloud and get your product listed across all marketplaces, including customizations. In addition, we provide optimized access to cloud marketplace revenue channels and ensure internal team alignment.
Multi-listing and multi-cloud marketplace
Now, you can have your products listed on Azure cloud marketplaces, as Support My Cloud allows you to manage your business in a single place. You can avail for both multi-listing and multi-cloud marketplace through Support My Cloud.
Cloud Comparison
You do not have to make any hasty decision to put your product on any cloud as you can now compare prices on different clouds and make a prudent decision for your product placements.
Connectors: Now, you can bridge the gap between business and the marketplace through connectors.
  • Start selling cloud services in a jiffy with no upfront costs, faster activation, no contract negotiations, and streamlined billing.
  • Endow customers to encourage them to make effective buying decisions through a user-friendly interface.
  • Consolidated billing and invoicing options with a chance to compare prices to choose the best cloud marketplace.

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