Novari ATC

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Surgical eBooking, OR Utilization, Pre-Op Standardization & Wait List Management

The “Wait 2” Novari ATC module is widely used by hospitals and across health regions to improve OR utilization, enable better surgical wait list management and the paperless eBooking of cases from the physician offices to the hospital booking offices. In real time, Novari ATC complements and integrates with each hospitals’ surgical information system (Meditech, Cerner, Picis, SIS, etc.).


  • Improved OR Utilization
  • Analytics & Resource Planning
  • Paperless Bookings
  • Improved Communication & Coordination
  • Integration
  • Features

    Wait List Management

    Wait list management and case booking can be managed by either the physician office staff and/or hospital staff. Each physician office is provided with a colour coded wait list indicating the status of each patient on their list. The system allows the offices and the hospital to monitor long waiting patients and schedules accordingly.

    Integrated eBookings

    Streamline the booking process for surgical and other hospital programs by receiving all bookings electronically from the physician offices to your existing scheduling system (including required documents). The software is easy to use and improves the booking clerks’ ability to manage incoming bookings while providing program leadership with tools to better understand the volume of cases in the pipeline.

    Wait 1 to Wait 2 Transition Integration

    Consults (Wait 1 referrals) received by a surgeon using the Novari eRequest module can be transitioned from Wait 1 to Wait 2 with the click of a mouse. For example, a GP may use Novari to send a referral to an orthopedic surgeon who in turn accepts the electronic referral and schedules the patient for a surgical consult. At the time of the consult, the surgeon and the patient agree to proceed to surgery. The surgeon or office staff simply indicate a decision to treat in the Novari eRequest module and the case is automatically added to the surgeon’s surgical wait list in the Novari ATC™ module.

    Scalability & Flexibility

    Novari ATC can be deployed at a single hospital, across all surgical sites within a health region or provincially. We recognize the wide variation in the workflows at hospitals, within hospitals and in the surgical offices. The Novari ATC module easily accommodates these variations via hundreds of configuration settings. This approach facilitates a blend of standardization and variation across a province, health region and at individual hospitals.

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