Parliamentary Portal

de NovaWorks

Workflow and business process software for Parliament

The Parliamentary Portal Software as a Service (SaaS) offer provides a secure, digital and paperless Parliamentary experience for all aspects of Parliament. This includes automated transcriptions, video on demand, members, tabled papers, ministerial correspondence, questions, e-Petitions and submissions and committees. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, the Parliamentary Portal is a fully integrated, comprehensive SaaS solution which automates and streamlines each aspect of Parliamentary business. The modules included in the solution are configurable by the customer and will be able to cater to your needs and unique business processes. Module List Core Modules 1. Data Sovereignty and Customer Encryption 2. Online Helpdesk with 24x7 support 3. Dashboards and Personalisation 4. Search 5. Authorised Domains 6. Audit and Security Logging Hansard Modules 7. Hansard 8. Job/Booking Management 9. Rostering 10. Progressive Publishing 11. Reporting 12. Indexes 13. Committee Booking 14. Speech to Text Conversion (5000 minutes included per month) Business Modules 15. Tabled Papers 16. Bills 17. House Papers 18. Committtees, Inquiries and Submissions 19. Notices 20. Document Generation 21. Divisions 22. Votes and Minutes 23. e-Submissions and e-Petitions 24. Members Public Modules 25. Public API 26. Committee Inquiry Submissions 27. Petitions Why NovaWorks? 1. Comprehensiveness: Understanding, processes and practices of 18+ years working with different Parliaments around the world. 2. Cost Effective: Pay per module or combine them for discounts. Starting from monthly subscriptions to annual subscription payment facilities. 3. Consultative Implementation: with 18+ years domain expertise, solution implementation walks into your organization with rich knowledge and experience of multiple different Parliament's

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