CXP Cloud Enterprise

de Oneview Healthcare

Next-generation Interactive Patient Care platform

For healthcare systems who lead on exemplary care, Oneview Healthcare provides digital tools for patients, families and caregivers to improve the care experience. 

Unifying a facility’s systems and services into one digital platform at the point of care with dedicated touch and TV devices, Oneview helps providers:

  • empower patients and families
  • deliver virtual care
  • manage experience
  • optimize patient flow

This means:

  • more control for patients and families
  • more time to care for care teams
  • less cost and complexity for the organisation

Oneview’s Care Experience Platform (CXP) Cloud Enterprise edition provides the full CXP capability for enterprise healthcare systems. Unlike other solutions in the market, CXP Cloud Enterprise has been built in partnership with leading healthcare systems to meet enterprise needs, scaling to thousands of end-points across every type of facility, from new construction to existing hospitals with legacy wiring, without requiring on-premise server infrastructure. 

Deployed in the cloud for maximum ‡efficiency and agility, integration with the EHR enables automation and personalization for a truly exemplary care experience – for patients, families and care teams.

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