SWIFTPROTECT Law Enforcement Records Management

de Optimum Technology, Inc.

Law Enforcement Records Management System

Information and speed are critical to solving crimes and preventing future ones. SWIFTPROTECT brings these powerful forces together in a user-friendly, affordable, and field-proven records management system. Alerts, analytics, advanced search capabilities, dashboards, and other smart functions keep your officers informed, safe, and a step ahead of crime. The web-enabled platform delivers the data and capabilities to any mobile device, so your force always has access, whether they are in the station or out on patrol.


With the cloud-based model of SWIFTPROTECT, agencies can be up and running within a day and without any strain on your IT staff or budget. Shared installation (multi-tenant) with other agencies makes the solution even more affordable.


When records are managed and data is shared within a department more efficiently, crimes are solved faster. Implement SWIFTPROTECT to accelerate the flow and analysis of data, and fast track crime solving prevention.

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