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Stop attacks before they start - advanced cybersecurity for any size business and budget.

Easiest to use email and account security for your small business. Never get hacked again with real-time breach detection, email spam filtering and hands-on managed security from a tier 1 Microsoft Partner. Real-time breach detection is monitored by our security experts. Get recommendations every month on how to improve your security with included support from our security experts. Automatically have spam moved to your Junk folder and emails scanned for viruses by adding the Spam Filter add-on.

  • How much damage could a hacker do to your system?
  • How much data could be stolen and sold?
  • What about ransomware?
  • The cost could be staggering and might destroy your business unless you're protected.

It takes the average company over 9 months to detect and contain a cyber-attack.

The key to mitigating the impact of any hack is ongoing monitoring and immediate knowledge of any incursion. Cloud Protect offers both:
  • All Office 365 and Azure activity is constantly monitored.
  • Our security experts flag and suspicious activity for your review.
  • You're immediately alerted (by SMS, email, mobile app notification) of any potential breach.

More than 85% of small businesses have been hacked.

6 Big Ways Cloud Protect Protects You

In today's complex cloud world, Cloud Protect is a 24/7 job that requires continuous monitoring of multiple points of vulnerability. Here's how Cloud Protect gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on your business:

  • Review monthly security alert status reports that identify points of weakness with recommended improvements from RyanTech
  • Access 24/7 RyanCare support. Qualified U.S. agents with 120-minute response time, immediately for emergencies.
  • Gain visibility into all organizational security data on Office 365 and Azure
  • Leverage a security team of experts to make security changes with your approval.
  • Enjoy peace of mind from continuous monitoring with real-time breach detection alerts delivered via SMS.
  • Prevent spam from reaching employees with an AI spam email filter.

Cloud Protect's 100% Perfect Record of Protection

Since Cloud Protect was born, not a single customer on the platform has experienced a cost-incurring breach. If you're part of the 15% of businesses that have never been breached, consider yourself lucky. Hackers continue to get more sophisticated with their tactics. When you choose Cloud Protect, you're choosing a solution with a perfect record of protection.

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