Nightfall DLP Developer Platform

de Shoreline Labs, Inc. dba Nightfall AI

Data loss prevention (DLP) & data classification API

The Nightfall Developer Platform powers data classification & protection for any application. Nightfall's APIs are a set of building blocks developers can use to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data.

Key Benefits
- For developers, by developers. Configure detection & integrate with just a few lines of code. Seamlessly add data classification to your applications & workflows using Nightfall's modern REST API.
- Best in class accuracy. Deep learning-based detectors go well beyond regexes, rules, and search strings so you can make sense of your data without the alert fatigue and discover unknown-unknowns.
- Flexible deployment. Nightfall APIs are deployed as a fully managed cloud service. The Developer Platform can be shipped & self-hosted behind your firewall.
- Rich file support. Nightfall scans 100+ file types and performs machine learning-based optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text.
- Resources to get started. Examples to scan Azure SQL database and more.

Content Inspection as Code
- Customize detectors and detection rules directly in the console UI or configure as code. Apply hot/cold words, allow lists, define minimum confidence & occurrence thresholds, and more. Create your own detectors with regex & word lists.
- Nightfall's 100+ detectors accurately scan & classify data that developers stream to our API. Nightfall trains these detectors via machine learning, providing best-in-class accuracy on structured and unstructured data alike. Detectors cover credentials & secrets, PII, PHI, finance, and cover compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI & more

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