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Visual workspace with integrated learning for faster resolution of problems & incidents

There's been a dramatic rise in operational complexity in today’s world - problems are often cross-functional, difficult and time-consuming to resolve. smartQED's intelligent visual workspace helps operations & support teams solve problems faster, with ML-based recommendations from prior issues. Get clear visibility into complex investigations with much less effort, improving your productivity and customer satisfaction.

The Problem

Traditional incident tracking tools are text-based systems that record updates linearly, with many pain points:

  • Slow communications: Incident tickets get long & convoluted for complex problems, and take up too much time to read and understand.   
  • Fragmented collaboration: Remote teams are often not on the same page.
  • Unreliable keyword searches: If a similar problem happens again, prior incidents are searched for solutions, but manual keyword searches are highly dependent on the user's skill level. 
  • Inefficient knowledge reuse: If found, past incident reports need to be read (again!) to understand the earlier symptoms & actions, delaying resolution.

Our Solution 

smartQED transforms the problem-solving process with its visual workspace combining Investigation Maps™ & Machine Learning for faster collaboration & quicker resolutions by teams. Here’s how:

  • Methodical Root Cause Analysis: Use Investigation Maps™ to visualize & explore potential causes of a problem systematically - the strategy is clear to all.   Create and reuse templates to standardize investigations.
  • Efficient Collaborative Investigations: Entire teams can jointly analyze problems with relevant data in a 360° view across your system. Get your teams on the same page by easily tracking tasks & statuses.
  • Automated Real-time Reporting: Stakeholders get clear visibility into investigation progress with periodic summary / detailed reports.
  • Augmented Intelligence: Powerful AI/ML capability embedded in smartQED analyzes historical data in Investigation Maps™ to generate cause & solution recommendations for new problems, and keeps improving over time!

Our solution applies to any domain including IT Operations, DevOps, Service Providers, Financial Systems, Healthcare, Transportation, Aerospace & more.  Businesses experience speed up of up to 60% in resolution times and 30-40% reduction in manual effort.  Turbocharge your problem resolution process with smartQED!

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