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Microsoft 365 and Teams Advanced Adoption Accelerator

Description of the Offer

Storyals Pro is a subscription-based service offering that provides organizations with a powerful solution to effectively drive adoption of Microsoft 365.  Storyals learning is designed to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and EDUCATE users to achieve more. Through real-life story-telling and everyday best practices, Storyals sparks interest and excitement to accelerate change. Storyals Pro is for organizations that want to ensure users are provided with a guided Microsoft 365 onboarding journey and continuous encouragement.

Storyals Pro includes a restricted version of the award-winning learning management solution LMS365 to manage the Storyals learning content. With LMS365 you can assign selected Storyals topics to users or user groups, set completion deadlines and reminders. Users see their assigned topics in their personalized dashboard and can access the content from anywhere – via SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or mobile. Users get automatic completion reminders and personalized certificates on completion. Powerful reporting on end-user progress is available via Excel-files or via visually appealing Power BI dashboards. The content is continuously updated to reflect changes in the frequently enhanced Microsoft 365.

Type of User that Benefits from the Offer

In order to get the return on investment in Microsoft 365, employees need to know how to effectively use the tools to increase their productivity.  Storyals Pro provides organizations of above 50 users, with powerful tools to actively drive Microsoft 365 adoption - no matter where the end-users are in their digital workplace journey.

Customer Need or Pain that the Offer Addresses

Many organizations have invested in Microsoft 365 but they struggle to reap the benefits that these modern tools can bring to their organization.  Ownership of driving change management often falls between IT and HR. Lack of resources to drive adoption of Microsoft 365 and to be able to enroll, track and support these employees is a common challenge.  Providing end-users with engaging learning content, that is up to date, is both costly and time-consuming.  Storyals Pro addresses these common pain points by providing a Microsoft 365 adoption service to track the progress of employees. Storyals is optimized for today’s time-strained, dopamine-hungry workforce that easily gets bored with traditional training. Storyals methodology is to maximize results by focusing on “what you need to know” to be productive, delivered by a field-leading expert in a fast-paced format. The Storyals subscription-based solution is developed for today’s modern workforce that demands anytime access, instant results and updated content.

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