Telia IoT Platform

de Telia Company

Telia IoT Platform offers a suite of IoT connectivity, management, and insight capabilities.

The Telia IoT platform is separated into several systems, which makes it easy to configure IoT solutions depending on the level of maturity and needs. The Telia IoT platform is divided into the IoT stack and the IoT configuration platform, as well as subscription management and e-commerce. The IoT stack consists of fixed and wireless connectivity, storage, AI and advanced analytics of data, rules engine, business intelligence, portals, apps and APIs. The management platform is used to quickly and easily configure organizations, device management, services and solutions, subscriptions, billing, API’s. The Telia IoT platform reduces the time for delivering IoT services to the market as IoT solutions can be configured on request.

Key Capabilities 
Customer Portal 
  • Access via Desktop, and APIs. White label functionality with "Bring your own brand" to personalize and create your own IoT brand in the IoT platform. 
  • Quickly create easily configurable dashboards to visualize analysed data and information.
  • Telia IoT Platform can be done at all different levels within the IoT stack and subsystems for communication, users, IoT devices, provisioning, analysis and dashboards, subscriptions.
Regional, local or global SIMs
  • Leading telecom operator integration through Ericsson and Cisco Jasper.
Integration engine 
  • Management and integration of 3rd party APIs from leading actors in CRM, ERP, social networks, service management systems.
Rule engine 
  • Create powerful automation. Use triggers to activate various events in the IoT platform which generate real-time events, notifications and tasks.
Industry Use Cases 
  • Built-in business applications for transport, buildings, energy industry, manufacturing industry, etc.
Key performance indicators (KPI) 
  • Used to monitor and create increased productivity, efficiency and availability of smart connected products together with business intelligence
AI and Analytics 
  • Enables Business Intelligence with advanced analytics and reports based on streamed data or file-based data from IoT devices stored in the data lake.

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