BAWA Life: Empowering Caregivers

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BAWA Life provides real-time visibility for caregivers, families and friends of BAWA Cane users.

BAWA Life app is designed for caregivers, families and friends of BAWA Cane users. 

Real-time alerts

BAWA Life app get safety alerts via push notifications whenever associated loved ones with BAWA Cane are in need of help. 

Maximize BAWA Cane

Seamlessly connect a BAWA Cane user into your the BAWA Life command center to analyze, monitor, and be notified of any life-threatening events.

BAWA Cane, a smart cane for the blind, with enhanced capabilities that reduces head-level and fall accidents to help your loved ones gain confidence, mobility freedom, and independence.

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Custom built

Get in touch with our team if there is a functionality your team needs to save lives, time and money, we will build it.

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