Enable Frontline Worker: 3-day workshop

Awara IT Kazakhstan LLP

You will work through various frontline worker challenges and pain points to identify top prioritized scenarios for your frontline workforce on Microsoft Teams

Awara IT offers a workshop intended for frontline workers challenges using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Workshop agenda

Day 1. Pre-engagement questionnaire. Define scope and high-priority business scenarios Day 2. Real-time technical demos of building solutions for a frontline workforce with Microsoft Teams, Teams Apps and Power Platform Day 3. Build the plan – value calculator, scenarios analysis and prioritization, report and recommendations readiness


  • You will get hands-on experience of Microsoft 365, you will understand how this solution supports daily frontline workers operations.
  • Session video record, useful links for self-study, report, and recommendations presentation according to Microsoft best practices, solution package with PoC solutions developed during the workshop or ready-to-use with Viva Learning and Microsoft Forms adoption training materials for Microsoft Teams with knowledge test.

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