Microsoft Copilot for finance, accounting, and commercial executives: 2 hours workshop

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Unlock the full potential of Microsoft's Copilot features tailored for finance, accounting, and commercial executives!

This exclusive workshop is designed to empower professionals like you to harness the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Copilot within the diverse range of ERP systems offered by Microsoft. Through hands-on exercises, real-world scenarios, and expert-led sessions, participants will gain invaluable insights into optimizing financial processes, enhancing decision-making, and driving business success.
AI has emerged as a game-changer for companies striving to maintain a competitive edge. Embedded within ERP systems, the AI tools can revolutionize the end-to-end customer experience, drive cost reductions, and elevate financial success.

Workshop agenda & key applications of Copilot:

  1. Overview of Copilot features and capabilities
  2. Copilot applications across business processes
    • Inventory replenishment and management
    • Sales and inventory forecasting
    • Receivables and cash flow analysis
    • Intelligent payment suggestions
    • Late payment predictions
    • Intelligent budgeting and forecasting
    • Collection history and personalized letters
    • Extended planning and analytics (XP&A)
    • Predicting disruptions and risks
    • Creative product descriptions
    • Automation of repetitive tasks
  3. Practical exercises: Hands-on Experience
  4. Q&A session

Duration: - 2 hours

Why attend:

  1. AI empowerment: Learn how AI tools within ERP systems can revolutionize customer experience, drive cost reductions, and elevate financial success.
  2. Strategic insights: Gain clarity on Copilot's significance in enhancing business operations and workflow efficiency.
  3. Hands-on experience: Acquire practical skills through scenario-based exercises to simulate real-world applications.

Who should attend: CFO, VP – Finance, VP – Procurement, Commercial executives, Procurement analysts.
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