Akari Secure Score Workshop - 2 hours

Akari Solutions

Microsoft Secure Score is a measurement of an organisation's security posture; By following the Secure Score measurement recommendations, your organisation can help protect from cyber incident threats

Gain access to robust visualisations of metrics and trends, integration with other Microsoft products such as Defender and Azure Active Directory, score comparison with similar organisations, and much more.

Our Approach; Working with IT, Security and Information Governance, we will host a workshop over a half-day to run through the Microsoft Security toolkit and step-through Microsoft Secure Score with a focus on Identity, Office 365 and Devices. Building out a Good, Better, Best posture roadmap for any organisation wanting to increase their defence in depth strategy or move to zero trust security patterns.

Core Deliverables; Workshop over a half-day with IT, Security or Information Governance Mapping of Good, Better, Best Objectives Run-through of Microsoft Security Suite Identify areas to remediate based on Secure Score Roadmap

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