Akari Teams App Advisory 4-Week Implementation

Akari Solutions

By building apps in Microsoft Teams it is possible to work where your people are and access relevant data through apps and services which you use every day.

Akari will work with you to blueprint and build a Microsoft Teams application for a key use case. Over the course of four weeks, we will deliver a solution blueprint, functional specification and application build to deploy within your environment. Examples of applications we have deployed for our enterprise customers are; FAQ Bots, Power Virtual Agents, Networking apps, Diversity & Inclusion portals and daily meeting apps. As we will jump straight into development of the application we would recommend having a good idea of what your application will be across use cases, personas and capabilities. Over the course of the four weeks we will:

  • Develop a custom application for deployment within your environment
  • Create a solution functional specification for your internal team
  • Work with you to build a user guide for the application
  • Create an application package for handover to your internal team
  • Deploy the application into your Microsoft Teams environment

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