Security Firts Steps: 3-Wk remediation and configuration of security for Microsoft 365

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The goal is to strengthen security (protection against threats and better security management) and implement security policies that help reduce the risk of cyberattacks and vulnerabilities

The default settings in Microsoft 365 are optimized to reduce friction and promote collaboration, but not necessarily to give control to IT and allow them to deploy Microsoft 365 workloads in an orderly manner.

To address the scenario where a company want to start their journey to Microsoft cloud in a more controlled fashion, we have designed a template with recommendations on settings and policies.

Security Posture Assessment

We will help you understand your current Secure Score, identify gaps, how to navigate and manage your security dashboard, and generate a detailed roadmap of areas of improvement for your organization's security. ​

We'll review your current Security Posture in the Security Center of your current subscription, reviewing all the items on the list to understand what you can do and what tools you would need to fix it. ​You will end the session with a refined list of specific actions to take to improve your Security Posture.

Security Baselines for Microsoft 365

Remediation and configuration of your Security Posture findings & recommendations​. We'll start working on the Security roadmap that we created after the Security Assessment. Will work on the application and configuration of the best practices in Security for Companies: a template with recommendations on configurations that have a better balance between promoting collaboration, but maintaining control on the IT side, allowing IT better control of what functionality is deployed to end users and more control over interactions with the exterior world.

Maintenance & Support of your Security Roadmap

  • Monitoring and continuous improvement of the security posture of the environment.
  • Proactive management of security functionalities: identities, applications and devices.
  • Investigation and response to security incidents.

Reduce data breach risk by 45% and security management costs by 50%. Securely access your data from anywhere​. Reduce the risk of costly data breach incidents. Keep your devices secure wherever they are, on all platforms.

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