Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: 8-Wk Implementation


8-Wk implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, tool that allows brands to store, manage, optimize and analyze the experience of all customers

Obtain data from different origins/information sources: Dynamics 365 Customer Insights allows the raw ingestion of information related to your customers, forgetting about complex ETL's and facilitating this task through dozens of standard connectors. Such information can be transactional or relational, structured or unstructured.

Facilitates customer unification: This Microsoft tool allows the unification of customer information around a 360º record, based on configurable duplication rules as sophisticated as necessary. Building the 360º file of the client has never been so simple, thanks to the options that allow mapping, matching and merging the information.

Enrich your customer information: The solution allows you to enrich the information you have and get to know your customers better, through the construction of metrics and KPI's associated with the business from the ingested data, thus facilitating the quick view of key metrics associated with particular customers or groups of customers.

Trust a powerful segmentation tool: Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights enables the business to build customer segments with simple and powerful tools that facilitate segmentation by any ingested data, KPI, generated metric or values ​​obtained from Machine Learning engines. Have multiple connectors to integrate customer segments with your usual marketing tools for the generation of automated or specific campaigns.

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