Migration to Power BI: 1-Hr Briefing

Avanade, Inc.

Make the transition to a robust, enterprise-wide BI platform. Avanade helps you design and plan a rapid migration process to consolidate your BI stack and speed up time to insight with Power BI

Make the transition from a fragmented business intelligence approach to a robust, enterprise-wide BI platform: Power BI. Avanade leads you through a rapid migration process from roadmap and report-type consolidation to Power BI activation and its decision-making benefits.

Ready for the benefits of Power BI, but not sure how to make a speedy, smooth, and successful migration happen? One thing is certain, the Post-COVID-19 business world will be one of continued disruptions. You have a unique and urgent window, right now, in which to make long-needed advances in your BI efforts. After the initial briefing and during the assessment phase Avanade will guide you through a set of whiteboard discussions about your data-strategy, process, and assets as well as your objectives for enhancement.

We’ll also share relevant BI best-practices and craft a roadmap for rapid migration to Power BI. Then, we’ll ensure that migration occurs on-time, within budget, eliminating headaches, and maximizing adoption. At the end of the assessment, Avanade will document findings and make recommendations to help you jump-start your experience of a more robust BI future. Our approach to migration uses intelligent redesign which consolidates report types to a manageable set of shared models for increased sustainability, development agility, and the shortest time to insight. We stay by your side before, during, and after the migration to help with the heavy work of moving myriad reports to a new environment.

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