AI-enabled CX Workshop

TTEC Digital

Uncover the right opportunities to enhance your customer experience and improve operational efficiency with artificial intelligence.

Turn AI into Your Customer Experience Competitive Advantage

TTEC Digital’s AI-enabled CX Workshop will provide your organization with a custom AI-infused CX roadmap and proposal of work designed through collaborative working sessions with a team of CX experts leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. During these interactive sessions, we will explore your organization’s current AI and CX maturity, identify your future state vision for AI, and build an action plan to achieve those goals. We will explore how Microsoft tools and solutions can improve agent productivity, analytics, support, and interaction management.

Focused Objectives

• Enhance enterprise-wide alignment on the vision of AI-enabled CX vision • Increase understanding of business objectives, operational goals, and the current maturity level regarding AI • Identify the highest-impact AI-enablement opportunities for CX • Develop a holistic understanding of customer and employee experiences to identify touchpoints where AI acceleration can drive a competitive advantage

Actionable Outcomes

You’ll come away from these working sessions with clear action items you can use to inform your next steps:

• Documentation describing the enterprise vision, key goals, and metrics • Depiction of current and desired AI-enabled CX maturity and capabilities

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