Barhead Power Platform Solution Assessment

Barhead Solutions Australia Pty Ltd

Get the full potential of Power Platform solutions for innovation and strategy in your organisation

Understand the full potential of Power Platform solutions and how low code can become a platform for innovation and strategy in your organisation. Barhead’s Power Platform specialists facilitate the ideation process to help you identify your specific use cases and provide actionable next steps.​

Day 1: Power Platform Enablement Session (2 hrs)​ Interactive session exploring platform capabilities and ideas for your organisation. Following the session, you will document your potential use cases using the templates provided.

Day 2: Ideation workshop (4 hrs)​ Facilitated workshop to explore business value, success criteria and viability of Power Platform solutions for each use case. ​

Day 3: (No customer participation on this day) ​ Creation of a use-case inventory, and documentation of high-level solutions, priorities and next steps.

Day 4: Executive session: Playback and next steps (2 hrs)​ Sessions on playback and next steps.

Business Outcomes Inventory of business ideas, including high-level assessment of solution, complexity and t-shirt sizing. Recommended next steps for a rapid implementation of an MVS (minimal viable solution) for the selected use case that fits into a 2-week timeframe.

Assumptions:​ We will explore up to 5 use cases in-depth during the ideation workshop. If additional use cases are identified, Barhead will triage them for suitability for the Power Platform and recommend a follow-up activity for further assessment if required.

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