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Reimagine your financial and business operating models to prepare, respond, and thrive in the face of disruption through Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

Reimagine your financial and business operating models to prepare, respond, and thrive in the face of disruption through Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. A recognised leader in Power Platform and Dynamics 365 services, Barhead Solutions offers Quickstart Solutions for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations configurations to help create personalised, responsive, and connected customer journeys —powered by next generation AI.

Adapt quickly with intelligent budget proposals Reduce the time and effort spent on budgeting. Use the intelligent budget proposal feature to consolidate and analyze years of historical data and create an accurate and robust budget proposal.

Efficiently manage your growing business Deploy new subsidiaries or product lines in record time. Copy an existing legal entity’s setup to a new entity with onboarding that’s quick, cost-effective, and consistent with company’s best practices.

Connect business performance and analytics Make informed decisions using self-service analytics and reporting that provide timely insights by connecting data from other Dynamics 365 apps and outside sources.

Increase workforce productivity Automate menial tasks and prioritize important fiscal work with a solution that works seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and offers role-based workspaces and predictive insights

Core Live in 12 weeks* -Start your journey to the cloud with standard Core Finance, deployed on your timeline and at your pace of change. -Streamline and automate reporting with Core Financial modules -Ensure timely processing through the use of workflows to automate approvals and notifications -Improve controls with role-based approvals and permissions -Reduce risk of errors by using automated processing and integrations -Support flexible work practices by enabling employees to work from anywhere

Intelligent Live in 19 weeks* Core Financial modules PLUS additional modules, including: -Rules-based auto bank reconciliations to reduce the effort of Finance teams in analysing and resolving reconciling items -Expanded financial reporting to use Power BI reporting to create interactive Dashboards and operational reports that can be exported to Excel for ease of use if desired -Budgeting functionality to improve financial performance and accountability -Increased compliance with automated tracking and depreciation calculations of assets, and adherence to IFRS accounting standards for leased assets and timely renewals using auto-notifications and reminders -Greater visibility through vendor portals, enabling vendors to get visibility on status of invoice payments and reducing time spent calling the Finance team -Automated accounts receivable processes offering businesses improved efficiency, faster payment processing, reduced errors, enhanced cash flow management, improved customer relationships, data analysis capabilities, and cost savings by eliminating manual tasks and streamlining operations -Streamlined accounts payable processes that provide businesses with increased efficiency by automating tasks such as invoice processing, payment approvals, and data entry, as well as improved accuracy, streamlined workflows, reduced manual errors, better visibility into cash flow, and enhanced vendor relationships -Automated tax transaction recording to support the generation and automated submission of BAS returns, ensuring accuracy and timely reporting -Faster closing of books at month-end using automated task lists

Custom Solutions Support your organisation with additional business process functionality to deliver greater data visibility and support business decision-making. The customised package involves everything in the Core & Intelligent package, PLUS customised applications adjusted to meet your business objectives.

*Implementation timelines may vary based on factors such as the organisation's requirements, the number of users, available resources, as well as the functionalities required.

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