Power BI Reporting Gap: 1-Hr Assessment

Clouds On Mars

In 1 hour we review with you Microsoft Power BI dashboard of your choice and provide suggestions & steps for improving it visually, story-wise, performance-wise and technically (code improvements).

This 1-hour assessment is for business intelligence professionals, analysts, and specialists who produce reports using modern BI tools.

Power BI dashboards simplify report creation and more importantly analytics for business people. Yet at times the reports built can lack a clear user story, lack visuals that provide at-a-glance answers and can be too slow to be useful. The datanauts at Clouds On Mars will help you leverage Microsoft Power BI to amplify your business decisions and better visualize business questions

Who is this for?

  • Executives.
  • Business report developers.
  • Business analysts

Benefits and Outcomes

At the end of this review, you will get:

  • Clear road-map and action plan on how to improve your dashboard.
  • Knowledge how to improve similar reports in the future.


In a 2 hour call with you (or your analysts and report developers) we discuss and understand your current business insight goals in an open and collaborative conversation that will cover:

  • Introduction: You provide us with information about the dashboard, its users, what it is intended to convey, what business questions are normally asked by business and also what are the key information your business looks for to win.
  • Report usage
  • Visuals & Code: Visuals chosen, review of code (DAX, M Query, Python / R).
  • Drawing-board: Our UI/UX expert provides his/her concept of how to improve the visual user story, what visuals he may suggest and what simple changes can be made to make the report more appealing.
  • Visuals & Code: Our visualization and DAX experts provide suggestions on what visuals (in-built or custom) can improve the report.
  • Plan of action: Our analytics experts bring it together and provide their opinion on a plan of action to make your report more visually appealing, with a compelling user story and faster performance.


We conduct this review via Skype between 08:00 and 17:00 GMT

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