Sustainability Manager Assessment: 5-Day Proof of Concept

Clouds On Mars

Microsoft Sustainability Manager is a complex tool that automates manual processes and enables gathering of sustainable data

Microsoft Sustainability Manager prepares reports, supports the reduction of environmental impacts and emissions, increases operational efficiency, and creates more sustainable value chains. It allows a set of KPIs and targets to track progress. This could be extended by utilizing Microsoft equipment like Azure and Power Platform tools. Worth to mention that the trial version is available free of charge for one month.

What Client’s problems does it solve?

  • Gather dispersed ESG data
  • Easy ESG reports, analytics, and dashboards creation
  • All impacts in one place
  • Supports compliance with ESG and local environmental law regulations
  • Supports strategy creation and business decisions – monetization

How it supports our Client’s ESG goals and targets?

  • Clear and consistent methodology - might be easily checked and audited during the validation process by external auditors
  • Could be adjusted to any scheme - allows matching it with different reporting schemes according to the new European reporting requirements, local law policies, and internal business procedures
  • Analytics of dispersed data almost in real-time – could be integrated and automated. It centralizes previously disparate data in a common data format and offers organizations an increasingly comprehensive view of the emissions impact on their entire operations and value chain

How to start? – 5 days trial in 5 steps with Clouds on Mars

As an expert on an ESG reporting matter together with our Clients, we can support their journey through the Microsoft Sustainability Manager tool. We want to start our ESG reporting journey with our Clients during a 5-day trial presentation about our methodology and how we work with that tool.

5 days trial of the Microsoft Sustainability Manager tool assessment in 5 steps includes:

  • Data collection and integration
  • Connection and integration with Power BI tool
  • Detailed reports and dashboards
  • Scope 1, 2, and partially 3 impacts
  • Potential benefits assessment

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