Get Copilot for Microsoft 365 Ready

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Let us help you build your Business Case for a project for getting ready for Copilot for Microsoft 365!

Most companies will in some way or the other relate to Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) as this technology will be immersed as part of all society structures. Services like Copilot for Microsoft 365 is one of the AI technologies and services many companies are implementing.

To successfully navigate the technology options and prepare for the future evolution of employee experiences like Copilot for Microsoft 365 it is important to embrace a #PeopleFirst strategy and a key for this is the human connection and building trust in and across an organization.

To succeed in building trust and human connection in the workplace of tomorrow, both the technical platforms and people need to be up to date. Data and how we work and communicate need to be structured, restructured and managed in a much larger degree than what happens in many companies today. AI and Microsoft Copilot turns the creative process upside down and can help improve both the complete employee experience as well as improve quality of work delivered, and in shorter time.


Week 1

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Mapping pain points/challenges and prioritize scenarios
  • Identify Business Case

Weeks 2-5

  • Hands-on Proof of Concept Copilot Ready
  • Identify ownership, roles and responsibilities in a RACI matrix
  • Setup process for ADKAR Model
  • Set up Communication Plan
  • Coaching sessions to select roles and plan for role-based competency journeys in the organization
  • Build Business Case with Microsoft 365 and Viva Insights reports, surveys and strategies

Weeks 6-8

  • Present Business case to stakeholders
  • Summarize Lessons learned from PoC
  • Potential scaled deployment blockers and challenges
  • Finish Business Case based on findings

AFTER THE PROOF OF CONCEPT Be ready to run a project for Get Ready for Copilot in your organization either on your own, with current partners and/or with support from CloudWay

Pricing is estimated for 25 hours a week over a period of 8 weeks. Depending on organization readiness this can be less or more. Please feel free to contact us for initial talk and estimations for your proof of concept.

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