Support Subscription: Cloud Transformation Services 12-Months Implementation

CollabPoint LLC

According to Forrester Research only 37% of cloud migrations provide acceptable outcomes. By coupling technical deployment with end user training and adoption we increase kpi's to closer to 80%.

Organization’s often think deployment consists only of a technical rollout to its users and Microsoft Office 365 deployment falls flat upon completion because they fail to empower their users to get the most from the new technology. This causes digital adoption rates and ROI to be lower than expected. In fact, Forrester Research indicates that only 37% of cloud migrations provide acceptable outcomes. We provide a service that we will to the client on a monthly basis. It includes two hours of dedicated cloud architect time for assessment, road mapping, work process and productivity improvements and milestone tracking. Those hours are then bundled with enough development hours to begin the digital cloud transformation, based on the road mapping at a pace and financial appetite that is comfortable with the client.

This monthly service can include some or all of the End User tools that we offer to support the technical aspects of the transformation:

  • One such tool allows us to assess the end user knowledge level of the Microsoft 365 applications. Based on these individual and group assessments, we create and assign skill paths that teach the end user additional features and functions of the Microsoft products to improve their overall productivity and use of the tools and soon to be deployed technology. This tool is not only used as a means to educate the end user on additional features and functions of the Microsoft 365 applications, but to also drive behavioral changes that the organization is attempting to promote. When combined with the capabilities of Microsoft Graph the tool can allow us to monitor specific changes in end user behavior. In addition, this tool has capability to educate end users on threat defense and can provide simulated phishing attacks that can allow the organization to train, test and improve security posture over time.

  • For deployments that involve Microsoft Teams and/or SharePoint we also have a tool that automates the approval, provisioning and lifecycle management of Teams and SharePoint locations.

  • And for application solutions that require an electronic signature application we provide that as an option as well.

When combined the technical planning, on-going innovation, deployment and end user support and adoption can deliver high outcomes and make reaching your KPI's a reality.

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