Microsoft Information Protection 10-wk Implement

Cyclotron Inc.

Cyclotron provides a complete approach to identifying, classifying, protecting, and monitoring sensitive data, resulting in real-time views into where your highest-value data lives and flows

Cyclotron provides a complete solution implementation framework to identifying, classifying, protecting, and monitoring sensitive data in a corporate environment, resulting in real-time views into where your highest-value data lives and flows within and outside your environment.

Cyclotron's approach starts at protecting sensitive information at the data-level; any remaining gaps are then plugged at the app-level, device-level, and identity-level. Cyclotron's data protection approach is agnostic to the on-premises environment, making enablement possible for both on-premises and cloud-first organizations leveraging Microsoft Information Protection.

Cyclotron's Microsoft Information Protection implementation includes:

  • Classifying data in your environment based on content, location, or properties
  • Protecting sensitive data automatically and enabling end-users to apply protection
  • Making your data classification policy available for users to select across all devices
  • Notifying your SecOps team whenever sensitive data is mishandled or shared inappropriately
  • Protecting against data leakage on unmanaged devices
  • Increasing adoption and usage of data classification with end-user communications and training

Key Outputs:

  • Layered, appropriate security protections automatically applied across your environment
  • Real-time monitoring of sensitive data usage on devices, apps and corporate storage
  • Increased security boundary for sensitive data, whether on-premises or mobile
  • Technical implementations of compliance guidelines

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