DAX and Data Modeling Power Hour: 1-Hr Workshop

Decisive Data

A one-hour discussion centered around working with you to determine the best solution or alternative for your DAX and/or data modeling challenge, utilizing Microsoft Power BI.

Are you a technical SME within your organization who has worked with DAX in the past, but want to up your game and improve how you can use Microsoft Power BI to come up with creative solutions?

Bring us your toughest DAX or Microsoft Power BI data modeling problem, and our experts will meet with you to discuss the complexities of your specific situation.

Decisive Data will provide best practices, specific recommendations, and example DAX that can solve your problems, utilizing Power BI.


We will work with you to determine:

  • The best solution or alternatives for your DAX/data modeling challenge
  • How your data model design will make your query easier or more difficult to write
  • This includes a review of the relationships and granularity within your data model
  • How your report’s functionality and layout will affect the behavior of the DAX and therefore the results
  • This includes a review of query context
  • How the desire for dynamic results may change your approach
  • Determine whether a calculated measure or a calculated column is the best approach

Example DAX includes the following

Using functions such as:

  • Time intelligence
  • X-functions
  • ALL
  • And more…


Please come prepared with your existing Power BI Dashboard or Report and Data Model to review.

Please bring a description of the measure you want to implement, including:

  • Business description of the metric
  • Technical description of the logic

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