enCompass Labor Mgmt System: 1-HR Briefing

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Interactive, 1-hour briefing focused on understanding your challenges and growth plans in Distribution Center LMS to ensure enCompass Labor Management Solution is the right fit for your business.

Optimizing performance of the workforce is a top priority for distribution center leaders. A robust Labor Management Program with the right mix of people, process and technology components is critical in accomplishing this objective. These programs drive down labor costs for organizations. With labor expenses typically accounting for between 40 and 60 percent of an operation’s variable costs, any reduction in labor cost can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

enVista’s proven approach to labor management serves as the mechanism for measuring and reporting performance in an efficient and automated manner. enCompass Labor Management System technology is a key enabler of the program’s success and sustainability, but the people and process aspects of the program are also critical to its success. Our enCompass comprehensive Labor Management System can be rapidly deployed and provide a fast time to value for small and medium size operations. The enCompass comprehensive Labor Management System works with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain to help you maintain efficient labor management performance to keep operations moving smoothly and efficiently without undue burden on your supply chain services.


  • Participant Introductions
  • Understanding and analysis of specific user needs
  • Ways to evaluate the effectiveness of current internal Labor Management tools
  • Overview of enCompass Labor Management Solutions
  • Applying the best labor management implementation practices to the client’s situation
  • Getting the most value from your labor management solution


  • Written briefing summary
  • Recommendations for next steps

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