On-Prem to Online Migration: 1-Hr Assessment


*A Microsoft Pilot Program for smaller migrations: "OnPrem to Online(OP2OL) Factory". Accelerate your digital transformation with FastTrack for Dynamics 365."*

Forceworks is engaged in a unique Microsoft Pilot effort to help customers who do not qualify for the Microsoft *FastTrack* migration program. FastTrack provides assistance, including back-end tooling used by the FastTrack team, to significantly reduce the cost, time and errors compared to a traditional manual migration project. However, due to the effort required by Microsoft, they have limited the FastTrack program availability to customers who have a combined annual cloud spend of **$300,000.00** or more. Working with the FastTrack team we have developed a pilot program, making the tooling available to select partners to use. This is the exact same tooling used by Microsoft's FastTrack team; it's just utilized by our team instead. What this pilot program does is make the benefit of significantly reduced cost, time and errors available to companies of any size, with *no restrictions*. How much time and cost? Based on our results and analysis, the typical migration project is saving about 1/3 in both cost and time compared to the traditional manual migration process. The migrations are also error-free. **This is an informational assessment for decision makers, it is not tutoring for users, or a sales call.**
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