HCLTech XitForce- SalesForce to Dynamics 365 Migration Assessment

HCL Technologies Limited.

Upgrade your CRM experience with a seamless Salesforce to Dynamics 365 migration

Agility and comprehensive customer insights are key to staying ahead in the market. Switching from Salesforce (SFDC) to Dynamics 365 offers unparalleled integration with existing Microsoft products, advanced AI capabilities, and a flexible, user-friendly interface that empowers teams to achieve more. Dynamics 365 not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides a seamless experience that adapts to your unique business needs, ensuring that every customer interaction counts. Make the switch to Dynamics 365 and transform your customer relationships with a platform that grows with you.

Making the switch has never been easier with HCLTech XitForce

We recognize that moving from SFDC to Dynamics can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. XitForce bridges this gap by providing rapid current functionality right from the start.

Scalability and Flexibility:

XitForce isn’t limited to standard migrations. Its solution framework, built on Microsoft Dynamics, is developed for complex migrations ensuring sensitive data is not lost. Reducing the time to cutover while ensuring a programmatically created schema reduces the risk of SFDC to D365 transformations. Key Features of XitForce [text blocks/visual element]:

Automated Solution Creation: XitForce swiftly sets up a new D365 environment, auto-generating solutions and schema directly from SFDC outputs with a click-friendly interface.

Rapid Functionality Migration: Eliminate manual configuration with XitForce’s quick transfer of SFDC functions to D365, streamlining your focus on enhancement knowing like-for-like functionality is created correctly.

Rapid Customization Migration: Eliminate manual coding with XitForce’s quick transfer of SFDC functions to D365, powered by Azure Gen AI, streamlining your focus on enhancement rather than setup.

Optimized Project Timing: XitForce’s rapid schema build allows early integration efforts in the development cycle cuts down SFDC to D365 migration time, facilitating a seamless user transition.

Data Migration: XitForce’s integrated pipeline allows for ADF creation of data maps for immediate data migration capability.

Key Deliverables:

Assessment Report- A comprehensive evaluation of your SFDC environment for inclusion in the transformation roadmap leading to a Project Plan, OCM Plan

Thorough analysis to build a comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership with the transformation

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