Self Serv BI: 2-Wk Assessment

Hitachi Solutions

*Sign up for a two-week engagement with analytics and data experts who will give you step-by-step, personalized guidance, on how Power BI Self-Service Reporting can transform your unique business.*

Let us show you how advanced reporting can give your organization the data visibility, analytics, and tactical intelligence you need to take your business into the future. ### Agenda **Week 1** * Workshop/discovery sessions with the client * Meet with power users to determine their experience and need for self-service BI * Document the current data landscape; including structured and non-structured sources * Work with power users to understand the supplementary data **Week 2** * Provide recommendations on how to structure the supplementary data * Create reporting templates with the current governed datasets * Determine training required to get the most out of self-service * Create a roadmap for transitioning to an "ideal state" environment * Provide communication strategies and procedures for operationalizing self-service models
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