IBM Retail Transformation with Dynamics 365: 6 Months Implementation

IBM Consulting - EA

IBM Retail Transformation helps clients to create a comprehensive omni-channel solution that unifies back-office, in-store, & digital experiences which helps deliver better business outcomes.

With our offering, “IBM Retail Transformation with Dynamics 365”, we enable our clients to create a unified customer journey infused with context-aware cloud intelligence and provide seamless and personalized experience that bridges the digital and physical divide. As part of the offering, we partner with clients to perform an end- to-end implementation for finance and operations transformation in a span of 5-9 months*. The engagement starts with the IBM Garage jumpstart (Closely integrated with Microsoft Catalyst workshop) which brings together key client stakeholders to envision desired future state (North Star), identify current challenges against that North Star, and determine key enablers – Technology, Data, People, Process. This is followed by implementation of use cases for commerce transformation using accelerated, scalable, and iterative approach. We also help leverage our best-in-class accelerators (based on Dynamics 365) to:

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce risk due to proven data models
  • Enhance employee productivity *The timeline and cost will vary depending on scope and requirements

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