LTIMindtree Dynamics 365 Machinery Inspection Module

LTIMindtree Limited

A consulting solution to digitalize machinery inspections happening at your industry be it manufacturing, energy or healthcare.

Manufacturing, energy, and healthcare are asset intensive industries. Regular inspection and maintenance of assets are an essential part of your operations. Failure of an asset will have a major cost impact and hence it is crucial that you prevent an asset failure before it happens.

Here are few challenges that you have faced if you are using paper documents for managing machinery inspections -

  1. Maintaining the inspection questionnaires
  2. Assigning the periodic inspections
  3. Reviewing of inspection data
  4. Maintaining a centralized data repository
  5. Presenting a holistic view of inspections We have leveraged Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform for the consulting solution. A model-driven app has been developed using Power Apps for your usage. Power Automate has been used for the automated creation of inspection forms based on appointments and Common Data Service has been used as the centralized data repository.

Our goal is to eliminate the usage of paper documents for machinery inspections. This will help you to remove any data inaccuracy that may come up in audits and to meet ESG goals by going green.

Key benefits that we offer -

  1. Easily configurable inspection forms
  2. Automated inspection form creation from appointments
  3. Availability of inspection data for review
  4. Improved data accuracy
  5. Dashboards with holistic views of inspections
  6. Meet ESG goals by reducing paper usage

Features of the solution -

  1. Separate apps for Managers and Operators
  2. Supports mobile offline capability
  3. Maintains unit hierarchy for assets
  4. Appointment entity for scheduling inspections
  5. Form entity to capture inspection data

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