Zero Touch Provisioning: 3-week Implementation

Mobile Mentor

Zero-Touch Provisioning sets you up to ship devices straight to users, with auto-configuration occurring over the air on initial sign in.

Remote deployment and provisioning for all your devices

We design the zero-touch provisioning process for your Microsoft Intune environment with a standard set of device management policies and profiles for Windows 10, macOS, iPadOS, iOS and Android devices.

Our proven process is:

  1. Implement - We implement Intune, Microsoft Autopilot, and all devices that run Microsoft 365.

  2. Demonstrate - We demonstrate the automated provisioning process for Windows, 10 macOS, iPadOS, iOS and Android.

  3. Knowledge Transfer - We provide as-built documentation and hands-on training for your system administrators.

The result is that any new devices can be ordered and shipped directly to the employee, without going to IT for manual set-up.

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